Stowcare is a well established provider of residential care in Suffolk having operated Care Homes in the town since 1984. The company is family owned and has always pursued a forward thinking approach to the needs of its existing and potential residents and has subsequently developed the Care Homes with those needs in mind, along with the stringent requirements of the Care Quality Commission with which both homes comply.


Residents and their relatives are secure in the knowledge that fully trained staff are on duty 24 hours a day. Residents are encouraged, however, to lead as independent a life as possible in a comfortable environment ideally suited to the needs of retired people. All residents come on an initial one month trial to ensure that they are completely happy and suited to life at Chilton Court, Woodfield Court or the Courtyard before making their stay permanent. After careful consideration a smoke free policy has been adopted for residents rooms at Chilton Court, Woodfield Court and the Courtyard for the benefit of all residents. The main buildings are no smoking in accordance with current law.